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March 2024 - April 2024

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Reserving Bulk Beef

  • GETS YOU the best price possible by allowing us to plan our summer herd and butcher dates.
  • GETS YOU the Freshest Beef of your life for the New Year with December-January Fulfillment.
  • GETS YOU fun updates throughout the Summer.
  • GETS YOU the option to pay off your beef with interest free monthly payments over 8 months with our Lay-buy payment program.  
  • GETS YOU the best tasting beef possible by allowing us to finish the cattle during the summer and early fall.

How Much Beef Do I Need?

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Fall Bulk Beef Pre-Sale Giveaway

In celebration of the Fall Bulk Beef Pre-Sale, Homer’s “Watermelon Beef”, is giving one lucky family a 4-day, 3-night stay at the Authenic Spackman COWBOY BUNK HOUSE in Park Valley, Utah—a $3500 Value.  

Will you be the lucky winner?

This Stay includes

  • A private tour of the Historic Spackman Ranch.
  • All the Grass Finished “Watermelon Beef” you can eat.
  • Time with Your Ranchers, the Nelson and Spackman families.
  • The slower-paced environment of the Spackman Ranch.
  • Stars in the sky that go on forever
  • Fresh Mountain Air
  • Private Fishing Pond (We will Supply fishing poles and bait)
  • ​This is a Ranch Experience your family will remember forever.

(no purchase necessary to enter giveaway)


Keeping up with all the food labels can be exhausting... "Grass Fed," "All Natural," "Organic," and "Free Range"...

What do all those labels really mean anyways? In general, we would tell you that food labels don't matter; they have all been compromised. The only sure way to know the quality of your food is to truly know its source.

So, lucky for you, you don't have to worry about labels for Beef anymore because you've found us! That being said, we use the term Grass-Finished just to indicate that our Beef is NEVER fed grain.

Why Buy Grass-finished "Watermelon Beef"

Grass-Finished beef can vary greatly from one ranch to the next. And Grass-Finished Beef raised the right way, with the right grasses and natural supplements, will blow any other beef out of the water! Here at Homer’s “Watermelon Beef”, we finish our Beef on some of the high quality pastures, alfalfa hay, fermented molasses, fermented apple cider vinegar, and famous Green River Watermelon as a treat when available. This combination allows the cattle to gain weight naturally, fusing flavor and marbling throughout the meat. On top of that, we use a rotational grazing method which gives our beef constant access to fresh pastures

By buying grass-finished beef from local farmers and ranchers like Homer’s "Watermelon Beef", you support small-scale agriculture in your community and reduce your dependency on industrial food systems.

Grass-finished beef is leaner and has a healthier fatty acid profile than grain-finished beef. It tends to have more omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for heart health, and fewer omega-6 fatty acids, which can be inflammatory in large amounts. Grass-finished beef may also contain more vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E and beta-carotene.

Free shipping on everything! Or if you're local, you can pick it up right from us. Since you are helping us plan our herd ahead of time, we can get amazing rates on shipping and offer that to you for free! Shipping is not like it was 10 years ago. We use 100% recycled shipping materials, and the infrastructure makes it more environmentally friendly. And, of course, you can come to meet us and pick it up in person!

When you get your beef from Homer’s “Watermelon Beef,” you cut out the middleman completely, which is why with us, you can beat Grocery Store Grass Finished Beef prices. Also, reserving your share early allows us to plan your beef ahead of time, creating an efficient system that helps keep prices low.

Grass-finished beef has a smaller environmental impact than industrially raised grain-finished beef. Grain-finished beef is associated with higher greenhouse gas emissions. Grass-finished beef has a smaller carbon footprint than grain-finished beef since the cattle are raised on pasture rather than in feedlots.

You are now working with the natural seasons of ranching when you buy with us. Your beef will only be finished during the peak growing season, and all of it will be shipped to your doorstep. This system allows us to create responsible grazing plans and save on freezer storage and energy usage. Also, in this world of unpredictable supply chains, the fewer middlemen, the better.

Grass-finished beef is a humane and natural way to raise beef. Grass-finished beef is produced by smaller-scale, family-owned farms and ranches like Homer’s “Watermelon Beef” that allow their cattle to graze on pasture, which is a more ethical way to raise animals.